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Those of you who are learning online, I would strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with Schoology! Watch tutorials on YouTube!

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Hello VIP Parents!


It is so important for parents to view their child’s grades regularly, and we have a terrific tool just for that purpose.

I encourage you to sign up for Parent Portal (Power School). This will allow you to see your child’s grades in each subject area consistently. You can even set notifications letting you know when a new grade is posted.

There is an app for your phone too! Once you are in Parent Portal (Power School) you will be able to use it all the way through your child’s 12th grade year!!!

I also suggest students signing up and downloading the app. Monitoring their own grades allows students to see the impact (positive and negative) that daily grades have on their averages.

I would love to speak with each of you on a weekly basis, but with 70 online students and 85 more in the school building, that is a tough task.

I ask that you view your child’s Social Studies grade on Parent Portal (Power School) and email me that you have viewed their grade, for my records…if you don’t mind! Keep in mind that I can help with grades and instruction, but not technical issues in Schoology.

Due to laws that protect our students’ privacy, signing up for Parent Portal (Power School) requires a parent to provide identification to the school. It is a one-time requirement but is well worth it.

Please contact the school office to make an appointment or for further information 662-892-6800.

I know online school has been a challenge for ALL of us. We will get through this together!


 Richard Naquin

    Mississippi Studies

    Intro to World Geography