Maggie Palmer

English - 6th/7th/8th Grade

Welcome Back!
I am available for conferences on regular school days from 8:10-8:45 and from 2:50-3:30.

About the Teacher

I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from The University of Mississippi and am highly qualified to teach English  Language Arts and Social Studies. This year will be my 16th year teaching and my 15th year as a Center Hill Middle School English teacher. I also help manage the Best Buddies Club and drive Bus 80 for the school. One of the things in my career that I am most proud of and grateful for is that I was selected by my peers as Center Hill Middle School's Teacher of the Year for the 2011-2012 school year.

Important Links for Learning

Important links to websites that students can access from home.

        This link will take you to Schoology, the online platform for DeSoto County Schools where all students can access their assignments, submit classwork, and contact their teacher. Your user name and password is the same as it is for the Office 365 email account.


     This link will take you to where you can log into your Office365 account. Click on Office 365. Students username is their email address. Student's email address will be first initial, last initial, and the last six numbers of their MSIS (lunch) number For example, Here students have access to their emails, One Drive, Word, Power Point, and Teams. Students or parents can email me anytime and I will get back with promptly.


       This site provides both fiction and non fiction reading passages with questions that are aligned to The Common Core Standards. The teacher will assign lessons and students can complete them and submit to the teacher. This site offers accommodations such as read a loud.

     This site provides reading practice on the students at their individual reading level. The teacher can monitor students' Lexile progression.


    This site provides vocabulary practice for the student. Students can start battles and share the code with their friends or just practice on their own. Students can learn new words and then practice using them in their normal daily activities.


     This link will take you to your Scholastic Magazine subscription. Click on Log in. Then click on "I am a student." Your classroom code is Palmer1. Here you have access to your Scholastic Scope Magazine and all assignments.


         This is the link to the CHMS library where Mrs. McIntyre has posted several links where you can access books online.


          This link provides free news articles you can read for your daily 20 minutes of reading.


       This link provides free news articles about the world of sports.