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Welcome and Things You Need to Know 

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    - a hardcopy is given out the day before each test

    - Answers to the questions are marked in the notes that students are supposed to copy off the board

   - Time is given in class to ask questions about the Review Sheet

   - I try to have a copy of the Review Sheet on this website soon after we begin a new chapter or AT LEAST a week before the test


Please especially check out the

Supply List and Policies and Procedures 


Parents: 2 ways to check your child's grades



Parents must create a single log-in account for Parent Portal. If you have more than one child you can create one account for all children. If a parent had a child/children in DeSoto County Schools last school year, that parent will need to use their original log-in information (log-in name and password from last year) to create this SINGLE log-in account.

If students are new to DeSoto County Schools, parents will need to go to their child's school and pick up the generated log-in name and password to create the single log-in account. Secondary users can create their own account, as long as they have the original log-in information. 

To create the single log-in, go to the Parent Portal website above. At the sign in page, click on Create an account. Enter the "Create Parent Account" information at the top. Then enter the "Link Students to Account" information at the bottom. Enter the Student's name, Access ID, Access Password, and relationship for each student you wish to add to your Parent Account. The password provided is case sensitive. Click Enter. This will generate your new, single Log-in Account information. If you are experiencing problems creating your account, please contact your child's school.

Features and Benefits

  •Ability to check student information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

  •Ability to view a variety of student information such as attendance and discipline 

  •Increased sense of ownership and responsibility for personal progress through viewing of homework assignments and due dates, grades, test scores and personal course schedules

  •Improved communications with the school and student's teachers with online messages

  •Ability to ensure basic demographic data is up-to-date, view information such as address and
telephone, emergency contacts and more!

  •Questions about Parent Portal: Please call your school office for questions about using ParentPortal or call the MIS Department at (662) 449-7279 for technical support.


 2 SCOREKEEPER  - students are required to record their grades 









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