CHMS MTV2 Staff Shows Skills and Leadership Daily
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Thursday, April 16, 2015
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From the very beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, the Center Hill Middle School Mustang Television 2 staff members have dedicated themselves before and after school to put on a daily broadcast for their school peers and teachers. Fifteen seventh and eighth grade students were chosen to take on this new task, which takes true hard work and skill.

These students are self-sufficient, learning how to do all of the necessary tasks in order to put on the show every day. They have learned how to successfully handle the camera, lights, microphone, and other equipment properly, as well as also acquiring knowledge about the software and editing process. The staff has recorded and attended athletic games, hall shots, and other important school events, such as pep rallies. "I feel like we have learned a lot since the beginning of the school year," states seventh grader, Maggie Gaines, "I love that we get to work on the camera ourselves. At the beginning of the year, Ms. Covington did all the camera work, now we fight over who gets to do it every day." The school program lasts between five and ten minutes and airs throughout the entire school every morning during break time.

The CHMS MTV2 sponsor, Ms. Kacy Covington, feels strongly that the students learn how to be independent and confident through the energy of the class. "I love watching the growth these students have experienced this school year. On our website, they can watch themselves change, as well as show improvement over the year. They make me so proud," says Covington. Students and teachers can view the episodes online at home on their website,

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